About Us

Production Consumption


Production is carried out using the highest quality standards at supplier facilities throughout the continental United States and abroad.

Inventory Procurement

Double Eagle procures products from suppliers and receives timely product shipments via truck and/or rail to ensure product freshness.

Warehousing and Logistics

Voice pick enabled technology and state-of-the-art climate controlled facility guarantee product freshness.

Sales Representatives Generate Orders

Account reps generate sales and initiate orders for next day delivery. Sales teams possess intimate first-hand knowledge of our market and can offer products uniquely catered to particular demographic characteristics.

Product Delivery

Loads are staged, and products are picked for delivery to licensed retailers.

Merchandising, Rotation and Draught Line Cleaning

  • Merchandising teams hit the market, fill coolers and shelves with fresh product, rotate stock and build knockout product displays.
  • Draught technicians regularly clean on-premise draught lines to maximize freshness and quality taste!

Brand Management

This value add function includes category management, spacing, software and graphic design, movement data and pricing strategies.

Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

  • Our point of sale marketing materials make a customer impact!
  • Participation in targeted advertising initiatives showcase our brands.
  • On-premise promotion teams bring the party to you -- we’re up for anything!

On-Going Service and Support Commitment

  • Quality control is our priority and in the event of a supplier recall, we are committed to immediate action.
  • Our special events team is here to make your festival or event a success!

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