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Photo of Woodchuck Hard Cider Private Reserve Belgian White


Woodchuck Cidery

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Every bottle on the production line at Woodchuck's Vermont Cidery is crafted with the utmost attention and care. We're proud to share our ultra-limited edition Private Reserve with our drinking loyalists. Cloudy, with a rich, golden hue reminiscent of wheat beer, our Belgian White presents a delicate aroma and taste, mirroring the Belgian tradition of a coriander and orange peel profile, laced with the complexity of apple notes and classic Belgian beer yeast.

Brewer's Notes

We take Celiac Disease seriously, and since Woodchuck has always, and only, been made from apples (not wheat, barley or rye) none of our cider varieties have ever contained gluten. Further, we have all our ciders tested by an independent lab and we maintain a completely gluten free facility.

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