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Our Cold Brew Coffee is made from our organic single origin beans directly from the farm to our local roaster. Once roasted, the beans are added to cold water, where they steep in a refrigerated room for over 18 hours. This process makes Rabbit Cold Brew smooth and intensely rich, with a hint of natural sweetness, low acidity, and 50mg per ounce of caffeine. Enjoy our cold brew black or add water, dairy, flavoring or your favorite spirit to make your own unique Rabbit Cold Brew.

Guatemala Antigua 
Grown at high altitudes on the side of a volcano. It is wet processed and washed,  then it is fermented for 24 hours.  
Tasting Notes-Rich Milk Chocolate and Caramel, Spicy and Smoky, Bright Acidity

Rabbit Coffee Roasting Co. is a craft coffee roasting company based in Palm Beach, Florida. We are dedicated to seasonally hand selecting some of the world’s finest micro lot coffees. Our roasters work tirelessly to develop the ideal roast profile for each small batch of our single origin coffees. Each bean is artfully hand roasted to peak sweetness,highlighting the coffee's most positive characteristics.

Rabbit Coffee is dedicating to hand selecting the world’s finest single origin coffees. 
Each bean is artfully hand roasted to peak sweetness to highlight the coffee’s most positive characteristics. From bean to bottle, everything we do is with great thought 
and consideration for bringing the complex and beautiful flavors of our coffee 
to the discerning coffee drinker.

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