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Copa Di Vino premium wine is bottled right in the glass, a perfect solution for customers who want a glass of wine, but not the fuss of opening an entire bottle. MOSCATO Sweet floral aromas of orange blossom are accented by notes of ripe citrus. This wine is delightfully vibrant and exudes flavors of sun-kissed fruits which linger long into the finish. CABERNET SAVIGNON Rich, red cherry aromas dominate with slight eucalyptus notes that complement the fruit. Deep dark fruit flavors linger with a full body and a smooth finish. CHARDONNAY Offers a wonderful apple fruit up front, followed by nicely balanced hints of toast and butter flavors through the finish. MERLOT A deep, red color with aromas of fresh plum jam, cherries and floral notes. Engaging, rich flavors of dark plum and berries with hints of toast make this an enjoyable sipping wine. PINTO GRIGIO With vibrant, ripe pear aromas and Crisp apple flavors, this wine hits the palette with a full frontal blast of fruit and finishes crisp and easy. RESLING This lovely varietal puts forth bright citrus aromatics followed by smooth apple and pineapple notes. Good Acidity with the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy any palette. WHITE ZINFANDEL Enjoy this perennial favorite! Soft, fuchsia pink color delights the eyes, while the sweet, refreshing strawberry and berry flavors dance happily on the pallet.

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